Blog: Scientology TV - What's Missing? - 2019-12-09

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F376.png Scientology TV - What's Missing? December 9, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology is making a really big deal about their new episode featuring Chick Corea.

Chick is an interesting story that has been mentioned before.

He got into financial troubles when his wife was hammering his credit cards. David Miscavige had known Chick for a long time because his father, Ron, was good friends with Ron Moss, Chick's manager. (Ron Moss is father of Elisabeth Moss of Handmaid's Tale fame). Miscavige was alerted to the problem and not wanting a "flap" with one of scientology's longest term celebrities, brought in Lyman Spurlock as a CPA to look through his finances. The picture was grim. Ron Moss was the easy scapegoat. Miscavige came up with a plan to bail out Chick by buying the Mad Hatter studios. Scientology paid him a very friendly price to infuse him with some cash and Miscavige had another white elephant on his hands (a sound recording and mixing studio in LA when he had the biggest and best at Gold). He proceeded to throw money at it to "renovate" the property and then grabbed various SO members to "man it." It never did anything useful and then was made utterly useless when the KCET studios were purchased and renovated at great expense.