Blog: Scientology Takes Over the World - 2018-04-04

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F376.png Scientology Takes Over the World April 4, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Someone recently included some quotes from L. Ron Hubbard in a comment (I don't recall where exactly and sorry for not attributing) and it prompted some thoughts... Always a dangerous thing.

And that was reinforced when I read the article on Tony Ortega's blog with new documents uncovered by Chris Owen disclosing that Mr. Hubbard, after failing to ingratiate himself with the apartheid governments of South Africa and Rhodesia, had sought to buy his way into Malawi by offering them hundreds of millions in today's dollars. (Interesting to note his liberal recounting of the "facts" about who he was and what he was doing - a common thread throughout his entire life).

Hubbard literally wanted to take over the world. He believe this was what he had been sent to earth to accomplish (see earlier post addressing his assertion that he was "not from this planet").