Blog: Scientology Tax Exemption - Muffins Strikes Back - 2018-02-05

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F376.png Scientology Tax Exemption - Muffins Strikes Back February 5, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Clearly, David Miscavige is feeling the mounting pressure on his most cherished treasure: tax exempt status bestowed on scientology by the IRS in 1993.

It takes considerable effort to get a letter published about a relatively obscure subject in a major paper like the LA Times. It is apparently a response to an op-ed piece that ran last November. 3 months of work to get this miserable piece of misleading propaganda to run...

Monique "Muffins" Yingling makes a rare appearance to argue on behalf of Miscavige. She has been as out of sight as the COB himself since her fateful appearance on 20/20 bearing a basket of slave labor baked muffins while appearing to be trying to send morse code "Help Me" messages with her constant blinking. For some years she was the most prominent spokesperson for scientology, after Miscavige got rid of any actual scientologist to speak on behalf of his organization (can you imagine a non-Catholic being the public spokesperson for the Catholic church?). She was the only one he trusted other than himself, and he has made clear it is beneath him to trifle with the lowlife "Chaos Merchants." So he sent his non-scientologist consigliere instead to defend the faith and practices of scientology — of which she has no personal experience.