Blog: Scientology Tax Exemption Panic - 2015-04-28

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F376.png Scientology Tax Exemption Panic April 28, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It would appear that the statements made in the wake of Going Clear by Alex Gibney have struck a nerve, especially his OpEd piece in the LA Times.

David Miscavige has trotted out his second favorite scientology spokespuppet (after Karin Pouw), non-scientologist lawyer Monique Yingling. She strangely appeared to defend the non-practice of "disconnection" on Anderson Cooper, and also came to visit me one time to discuss whether I wanted to speak to my children and other family members. She is sort of a Girl Friday who fills in as an Ethics Officer/IJC and spokesperson when needed.

She is however, more qualified to speak on the subject of tax exemption than on disconnection, but it does beg the question, "Where IS David Miscavige?" After all, he is featured in the film positively giddy about "his" accomplishment of getting IRS tax exemption. Who can forget his salute? "Done Sir" he says to LRH. HE pulled it off and HE "reported the done."