Blog: Scientology The Aftermath S2 Ep 6: the Aftermath - 2017-09-20

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F376.png Scientology The Aftermath S2 Ep 6: the Aftermath September 20, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tonight's episode addressed another subject we get a LOT of questions about. Celebrities and scientology.

And of course with the controversy over Elisabeth Moss's Emmy win for her portrayal of the victim of an oppressive system that controls every aspect of people's lives when she is a scientologist, and then Nicole Kidman's acknowledgement of the unconditional love from her 2 daughters with Keith Urban, while not mentioning the two children she adopted with Tom Cruise, there is heightened interest in the subject.

I must say, because I do not feel we were really able to communicate this well enough in the show — Paul Haggis is a hero of mine. Not only because he paved the way for so much that has followed by standing up and speaking out, not only because he is one of the smartest, kindest, most articulate and all-around best people I know, but also because he truly puts his money where his mouth is. He tirelessly works to help the underprivileged and impoverished. He was working to help children in Haiti LONG before natural disasters hit the front page and a few VM's in yellow t-shirts arrived for photo ops. And he continues to work there today long after the yellow t-shirts have vanished entirely. He and his foundation built an actual school - they didn't hand out some booklets or give a few touch assists. And this is just one small part of the work he does. He isn't presented trophies for this. There is no video made of his great works like they do with IAS "Freedom Medal" winners. He does it because he cares. That is what makes him so admirable in my eyes.