Blog: Scientology Vulture Culture: Wall To Wall Regges - 2013-06-03

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F376.png Scientology Vulture Culture: Wall To Wall Regges June 3, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This email was just sent out broadly.

Apparently there is a new type of Reg now being installed in orgs. "Planetary Dissem" regges have been at Flag for years, the infamous Dick Story sort of created this niche for rip-offs, getting people to donate for distribution of WTH (paying exorbitant prices) or selling special limited edition leatherbound books that theoretically financed "broad dissemination campaigns" (but never did).

Now, in another classic "propaganda by redefinition of words" routine, "planetary dissemination" includes FURNITURE for "Ideal Orgs", UNIFORMS for staff, FART TV systems and anything else that doesnt seem to fit — and its all "EXACTLY" per the LRH PL!!! Even the quote that is pulled out of the PL doesn't match what she is talking about. The rest of the PL hurtles around an even wider orbit, in fact its in a different solar system.