Blog: Scientology and Intuition - 2014-04-07

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F0.png Scientology and Intuition April 7, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

reference: Scientology and Presentiment

Several commenters speculated as to my purposes for posting Scientology and Presentiment. My purpose was simple: I wanted to hear what other people thought about it. As far as implications are concerned - that is the question I asked folks to weigh in on - my view before I posted was largely reinforced by considering the hundreds of comments.

From my perspective, the most important implication is that it is more evidence that Scientologists are trained into constructs – to the point of confusing the map for the territory. Their attention is focused with a great deal of intention and discipline on mental trauma. Conscious, two-valued logic based, and three-dimensional time-space construct based perception is finely disciplined. This results in increased focus and force of intention. The unthinking, yes/no binary device called the e-meter facilitates this training. In exercising such scientologists are led toward attainment to pre-defined abilities and states of consciousness – known as end phenomena in Scientology auditing. They are promoted and preached as static, permanent states (again using two-valued logic, materialistic terms). I have seen evidence of people becoming better at communication, problem solving, personal responsibility, handling of upsets, and moving out of fixed conditions through application of these constructs. Sometimes they even achieve alleviation of psychosomatic disabilities along the road.