Blog: Scientology and Living - 2011-11-10

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F0.png Scientology and Living November 10, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Somehow, somewhere along the line, Corporate Scientology lost the following truths that make Scientology so workable. I point it out in the hope that none of us ever lose sight of them.

From L Ron Hubbard Lecture titled Scientology and Living, 4 July 1954:

Now, there are two other categories of human beings. And one is the category, upper scale, where things can be good or bad at will; everything on the Know to Sex in the upper scale can be good, you see? But when they're on lower scale, everything on the Know to Sex scale - which is Mystery, there, to Sex Scale - is bad. And when you get something where everything on the Mystery or the Know to Sex Scale is bad, you have somebody who is inverted, very badly inverted.