Blog: Scientology and Suppressive Persons: Types A & B - 2017-02-18

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F376.png Scientology and Suppressive Persons: Types A & B February 18, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

LRH said Suppressive Persons—SPs for short—were turned suppressive by getting profoundly crushed by another somewhere in the distant past—like way distant. Apparently, they've been stuck in this incident and fighting this battle ever since—sometimes for quadrillions of years. Everyone they see in present time is an enemy from this traumatic event.

LRH wrote, "The technical fact is that they have a huge problem, long gone and no longer known even to themselves, which they use hidden or forthright vicious acts continually to 'handle.' They do not act to solve the environment they are in. They are solving an environment, yesterday's, in which they are stuck."

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