Blog: Scientology for Never Ins - 2019-09-24

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F376.png Scientology for Never Ins September 24, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There is a new book available on Amazon by a regular reader of this blog and major supporter of the campaign to end the abuses of scientology.

I asked Stefani for a short description.

The book is just supposed to be a starting point for Never Ins who hear some of the strange words and phrases Scientology uses but aren't clear on what they are. I also tried to use real examples and facts to show how, no matter what Scientology says, there is always proof they're lying. Explaining Fair Game, I used what they've put you through to show the Policy is still alive and in force. I wanted to really humanize these things so that people hopefully understand what hurt and harm cos causes. COS is so cold and technical, it's easy to overlook the real human cost sometimes for those of us who've never been in the cult.