Blog: Scientology in the Bay Area -- Boom or Bust? - 2013-05-20

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F376.png Scientology in the Bay Area -- Boom or Bust? May 20, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Last week we showed you the "test center" for Mountain View Org with a "For Lease" sign on it and reported about the two vacant building in an industrial park that have sat idle for 5 years now.

A few miles up the 101 is another "Ideal Org", San Francisco. It is one of the original 5 orgs that launched Miscavige's program a DECADE AGO (Tampa, Buffalo, Joburg, NY and SFO).

But even before the Ideal Org hype came the Ideal Mission hype for the "celebrity" Mission of SOMA ("South of Market") — more on the other "celebrity" missions in Wichita, Memphis and Santa Monica in another post. Izhar Perlman reported on SOMA at his excellent blog a year ago.