Blog: Scientology is Dying Off - 2020-08-22

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F376.png Scientology is Dying Off August 22, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A tiny Mission in the LA area sent out the following in memoriam announcement about 3 of its members.

This is a significant number of deaths in a group of people that probably numbers no more than 100, and that is being very kind.

Scientology doesn't actually promise you will never die — though they come mighty close. These people certainly didn't discard their bodies to continue their OT research unencumbered by a meat sack as L. Ron Hubbard is claimed to have done. Therefore, according to scientology they must have been PTS, and probably had unflat NOTs. This is the cause of all illness. Maybe they weren't ill and just died in their sleep. Seems unlikely as the oldest of then was only 73. But that is not the point of this posting, nor the absurdity of "we can't wait to see you again" in the face of tens of thousands of scientologists who have died in the last 70 years and not a single one has "come back."