Blog: Sea Org Recruiters - The Ultimate Merchants of Chaos - 2014-03-09

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F376.png Sea Org Recruiters - The Ultimate Merchants of Chaos March 9, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This article was written by Special Correspondent Chris Shelton. It was one of those rare things in the world of Scientology — something that actually surprised me that I knew nothing about. I thought this sort of doomsday talk was the exclusive province of regges, but had not considered (silly me) that Sea Org recruiters were really regges just like the IAS and all the other vultures that have ascended to the top of the RCS hierarchy. I believe this is important information to be made known. I am not commenting on the 3 minute, poorly attended massive ribbon-fest as there isnt anything else to say about it at this point — Tony O covered the relevant details this morning. If some additional photos or details come in they may be of interest, but generally, after so much flapping around it falls into the category of "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it..."

"There are those who could be called 'merchants of chaos.' These are people who want an environment to look very, very disturbing. These are people who gain some sort of advantage, they feel, if the environment is made to look more threatening." – Scientology Handbook

The Sea Org does not hire people. It recruits them. I spent a year doing Sea Org recruitment and worked with a couple of the most successful SO recruiters on the planet. During that time, I learned a few things that you should know.