Blog: Seattle Ideal Org Open 12 Hours A Week - 2017-03-04

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F376.png Seattle Ideal Org Open 12 Hours A Week March 4, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Things are progressing pretty slowly on "the wholesale Clearing of our area" when they are only working at it 12 hours a week.

As with many other "ideal" orgs — they have been moved away from the city center. They are not the worst, they are in the fairly near suburbs. Some have ended up in industrial parks and alongside freeways where there is no body traffic. The volume of people walking past orgs has traditionally been a measure of their likelihood of success. "Body routing" line has always been one of the few methods of attracting new people into scientology.

You see the staff from these ideal orgs sent to "apprentice" at the "model" ideal org in LA and they are invariably found standing on the corner of Sunset and Vermont in front of the subway entrance trying to entice people to come in for a free personality analysis. This is considered to be THE "successful action" on bringing in new public. They do the same thing at the "Life Improvement" center on Hollywood Blvd.