Blog: Secret Scientology Inc. Surveillance Photos - 2012-10-20

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F0.png Secret Scientology Inc. Surveillance Photos October 20, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher


Yesterday, right in time to prepare for some high-class visitors to Casablanca, none other than the fearsome Headley family, David Miscavige had a make over done of the surveillance outpost he operated on my block for the past two years. Here is the story on the outpost for those who missed it, Casablanca Surveillance Outpost.

Now, the back window facing my house, from which the three high-powered Scientology Inc cameras trained on our home are positioned, was just done over. By cover of darkness a team of Scientology Inc. plumbers took the tape blocking the camera holes off, resurfaced the window with one way reflective film, and posted a 'no trespassing' sign ON THE WINDOW to prevent any more tampering with their view: