Blog: Shitty Auditors - 2018-01-27

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F376.png Shitty Auditors January 27, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I might ruffle a few hardcore tech-infused feathers with this one. Wouldn't be the first time. I know…many of you have had great auditors and tremendous wins in session. Many of you wouldn't be half the person you are now if not for the gains you achieved at the hands of those wonderful people sitting on the other side of the e-meter. Reality check #1: you were in the minority. For those of you who truly went Clear and ascended to the state of cause over all matter, energy, space, and time…you may now take umbrage.

Most auditors are good people. Most got into the business of Scientology to help people. Many believe they're actually clearing the planet. Good for them. Reality check #2: most auditors are…(reread title).

If L. Ron Hubbard wrote that Scientology was supposed to "key out" and extrovert people, much auditing does the opposite; it interiorizes people. From the get-go, this is due to LRH's faulty, unproven "technology," ridiculous auditor training methodology, the hoax that is the e-meter, and the founder's insistence that his form of therapy is "workable" and shouldn't be tampered with.