Blog: Shreff Sets Flag MAA Straight - 2012-08-06

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F0.png Shreff Sets Flag MAA Straight August 6, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

For having protested David Miscavige's systematic distmantling of the church 0f Scientology, Mark Shreffler is now being subjected to a systematic black PR campaign by Scientology Inc. Mark is actively challenging accusations about him to his friends emanating from Flag (Scientology Inc's "mecca"). A letter he recently sent to a Flag MAA (Master at Arms - the Ethics Officer) evidences just how deep the rabbit hole of falsehoods goes in corporate Scientology. It also sums up very accurately how Miscavige has decimated Scientology Inc.

AO FSO MAA (Slavka) August 2, 2012

Mark Shreffler