Blog: Sick of "Scientology City" Yet? - 2013-05-29

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F376.png Sick of "Scientology City" Yet? May 29, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They are certainly milking Portland (the first "Scientology City" according to the church) for all its worth.

Funny how they were terrified that this "Monumental Dedication Address" not be filmed by Mark Bunker and not be seen by anyone who is not already indoctrinated into the brilliance of Chairman of the Bored Technology Center. And now it is being shown 100 times as something "monumental." Come on now, if it's that good, shouldn't everyone be able to benefit from hearing/seeing what the great man had to say? Is Scientology only for Scientologists? Why is Miscavige hiding his light under the bushel?

But this reveals something else.