Blog: Signs of Success? - 2013-05-21

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F376.png Signs of Success? May 21, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

To maintain the support of his followers, David Miscavige has to keep up the appearance that his brand of leadership is guiding the flock to the promised land – a Cleared Planet. If they thought he was failing, they would abandon him in a New York minute.

It is a firm principle of the belief system of members of the church that they must operate on the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" and the 3rd dynamic — the church — is believed to enhance ALL other dynamics. Thus if the church is achieving its objectives then it must be supported. A successful and prospering church trumps all other dynamics combined and a true believer will sacrifice his or her other dynamics in order to "support" the third as they believe that in the end this will bring survival across all dynamics. And if Miscavige is at the helm of a successful church, that excuses any "shortcomings" he may have and the clubbed seals dismiss anything said about him as either "a lie" or "even if it is true, he does so much good for Scientology that he gets a pass on anything."

To persuade the faithful to support the church (and by extension keep him in power), Miscavige is using a three-part strategy which is quite simple to explain: