Blog: So Explain This CF I Keep Hearing About - 2018-01-29

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F376.png So Explain This CF I Keep Hearing About January 29, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A lot of people are curious about the "CF filing" that scientology obsesses over.

It is a mystery to many of the uninitiated, though certainly anyone who has been around an org knows about CF and its perpetual backlog of filing.

"Central Files" is a Hubbard invention to keep track of everyone that has ever bought a book or taken a service in a scientology organization. Each person has a file folder (or many as time goes on) that includes copies of all invoices (yes, invoices for payments are still written with colored copies to be filed in Accounts Files, Student and PC Files and Central Files), all correspondence, success stories and other records. Every org is supposed to have a team of "Letter Registrars" who stay in touch with every person in the CF to encourage them to pay more money.