Blog: Some Perspective - Scientology Titanic - 2011-11-21

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F0.png Some Perspective - Scientology Titanic November 21, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I sometimes get annoyed by the a=a mentality of some attackers out there that attribute behavior to me or friends of mine because "look at what the church of Scientology is doing now." Hey, we've copped to some rather fanatical stuff; but 2011 is not 2001 is not 1991. Some people lose sight of the speed with which Miscavige's dwindling spiral psychosis has spread throughout his cult. That thought occurred to me while reading the stories of Bert Schippers and Lynne Hoverson and Rocio and Luis Garcia in the St Petersburg Times. Reading the knowledge reports on these four people posted on the St Pete Times website prompted this post.

Knowledge report on Lynne and Bert.

Knowledge report on Rocio and Luis.