Blog: Some Truth About The Size of Scientology - 2016-07-31

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F376.png Some Truth About The Size of Scientology July 31, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You have all heard scientology spout repeatedly that Valley is the biggest and most important Class 5 org in the world. Of course, this is idiocy, they cannot gather together 50 people for an event and have less than a handful on services at any given time (though this DOES put them ahead of most orgs in the world).

What is probably true is that this org has the largest number of scientologists in its field - and the largest empty white elephant building in terms of square feet (and of course in scientology, square feet of empty space is the ultimate measure of accomplishment). There are more scientologists in the greater LA area than anywhere on planet earth. Next closest is Clearwater/Tampa Bay. After that it is anyone's guess. But nowhere is it even worth mentioning (except perhaps Taiwan — see recent article in The Atlantic). I would guess 40% of all people in the Greater LA area willing to identify themselves as scientologists live in the region that the Valley Org is supposed to serve. Pasadena, LA Org and Orange County probably have 20% each. Inglewood 0%.

But despite this fact, they cannot complete the fundraising for their idiotic building. So, the pressure has on people from all over the US (and the world) to "step up" and give money for Valley. It's been going on for years now — predating the now common "ideal org alliances" that are used to try to encourage suckers to give to small and failing orgs that will never make it alone. All the orgs in LA, including ASHO, AOLA and CC hound their public to give money to Valley. So too the "Valley Project" (Quinn the Eskimo and Co.) who hit up anyone they can lay their hands on anywhere in the world.