Blog: Squirrel Busters Hibernate - 2011-12-26

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F0.png Squirrel Busters Hibernate December 26, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

That is how the Corpus Christi Caller Times put it. Since Miscavige folded his tent by Corpus Christi bay in early November, apparently they have hibernated for the winter elsewhere. While in the scheme of things the Corporate Scientology operation had little impact on the Coastal Bend (several counties surrounding Corpus - the Times' beat) in general, Miscavige's antics earned a place on the ballot in the Caller Times reader's poll top stories of the year in the region:

Squirrel Busters hibernate by the bay

Mark Rathbun moved to Ingleside on the Bay to start a new life away from the Church of Scientology. But as he, his wife and residents of the small community soon found out, a place away from the church doesn't really exist.