Blog: Stevens Creek Fake Promo Starring John Allender - 2013-10-22

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F376.png Stevens Creek Fake Promo Starring John Allender October 22, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This report and promo piece was sent in by a Special Correspondent. Remember, Stevens Creek is not just an "Ideal Org" it is a "St Hill Size Org" and they cannot muster enough people to even get 10 real graduates in a photo? That fact alone tells you everything you could need to know about the state of "Ideal Orgs." (Not to mention NOT ONE Academy Level Completion and NOT ONE Grade completion).

Stevens Creek Org put out their magazine and this picture is included.

The guy in the back row holding up the cert is the one and only John Allender. (Photo right) (your left)