Blog: Still Waiting for Scientology OTs to Change the World - 2017-08-20

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F376.png Still Waiting for Scientology OTs to Change the World August 20, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

All Scientology Operating ThetansOTs—are handed the responsibility of clearing their environments after returning home from Flag and the Freewinds. They're expected to transform their local communities—ideally, into some sort of Scientology-based utopia. If that's too much, tidying up their neighborhoods and/or giving touch assists to Uncle Dick is helpful. At the least, walking Rex more regularly is good for their Fifth Dynamic.

Before the Golden Age of Tech, the Basics, and the "ideal" org program, the big plan was for OT 7 and 8s to return home and supercharge their communities. They would be so able after completing these levels that their mere presence would cause major advances everywhere they set foot. Witnessing these supermen and their feats, the public would flood the local orgs and missions. Stats would skyrocket. In no time, local environs would be operating on a whole new level of existence.

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