Blog: Stolen Valor: Ron the War Hero - 2019-08-03

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F376.png Stolen Valor: Ron the War Hero August 3, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tonight, at the Fort Harrison Hotel, scientology will once again try to cash in on the claimed "fact" that their founder was an accomplished War Hero and recipient of a "Purple Heart With Palm."

Anyone unfortunate enough to be hoodwinked into this event with the offer of a free dinner, valet parking and some insincere flattery (insincere because scientologists believe all "wogs" are unfortunately ignorant) should take a few minutes to find out just what it is they are supporting. If anyone DOES show up, you can bet there will be photos taken and their names and likenesses will be used to make it appear they support CCHR and scientology.

A great place to start educating oneself is with Chris Owen's meticulously researched book Ron The War Hero (available on Amazon here). I HIGHLY recommend it. Chris lays bare the reality of Hubbard's military career.