Blog: Strategic Activism: Fighting Scientology Asymmetrically, Part 1 - 2018-02-04

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F379.png Strategic Activism: Fighting Scientology Asymmetrically, Part 1 February 4, 2018, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

In this, part one of a series on strategic activism, Dr. Jeff Wasel looks at the applicability of the theory of asymmetrical warfare in countering Scientology's abuses. He revisits and revises some of his previous thoughts on the efficacy of OSA, as well as the current state of the church. Lastly, he looks at historical examples of the use of asymmetric warfare, as well as how the critic community at large can leverage its disruptive abilities.

Here's a podcast from Dr. Jeff and Chris Shelton, talking about some of the concepts in this article and more besides.

Let's be clear. In proposing the use of military theory as a means to strategize against Scientology's excesses, my thoughts are in keeping with those of business theorists and sociologists, who may not only utilize military stratagems, but also strategies drawn from a variety of disciplines; subsequently, it inevitably must be multidisciplinary to be effective. Many of those harmed by Scientology view this as a battle between good and evil, as do I; while this is reflective of something of a moral absolute, that doesn't mean that in combatting Scientology, that a binary, indeed highly linear approach is best. Rather, our strategy must encompass a sound theoretical underpinning, as well as tactics and techniques which leverage not only our collective outrage, but more so, our collective will, strengths, and resources.