Blog: Super Bowl Planning - 2016-01-30

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F376.png Super Bowl Planning January 30, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Things are not going too well with the big plans for the Super Bowl.

Though there are 3 ideal orgs and another "almost" in the Bay area SFO (actually two — Day and Fdn), Stevens Creek, Mountain View and Los Gatos; and with the "massive international expansion" scientology has been experiencing since David Miscavige took the helm, rocketed with the advent of the Golden Age of Tech, after-burnered with the Basics, shot skywards with the Golden Age of Knowledge, exploded into hyperdrive with the Golden Age of Knowledge II and Super Power and launched to the stratosphere with the Golden Age of Tech for OT's, not to mention the magnificence of the ideal org strategy — they don't seem to be able to round up a few people to hand out Truth Abour [sic] Drugs booklets guaranteed to save the world.

What is going wrong?