Blog: Super Power -- It's Official "Sometime in September" - 2013-08-21

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F376.png Super Power -- It's Official "Sometime in September" August 21, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In typical Keystone Kops fashion, the world is informed of the planned dates for the "Grand Opening" of "The Mecca Building" and release of Super Power and GAG II and the Mark VIII meter and, and, and... in early October.

BUT, the Chief Super Power Reg sent an email 3 days ago TO GET PEOPLE TO COME TO THE EVENT and she is STILL NOT GIVING A DATE!

In fact, she is telling people to come in September and that the Grand Opening and IAS event will be in September and October. And this is an email telling people to get visas and make their travel and accommodations reservations.