Blog: Superpower Step One - The Ethics Repair List - 2013-07-21

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F376.png Superpower Step One - The Ethics Repair List July 21, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This was submitted by one of our Special Correspondents — Roy McGregor. I felt it worthy of its own post rather than just being a comment.

I do believe there is another element not really covered here that is going to make this fail. People are conditioned how to think in the church. They KNOW what they can and cannot say. Even in session. It is why you do not find people coming up with David Miscavige or Julian Schwartz or Charmaine Roger as their PTS Items.

Factually, being "in session" within the church of Scientology is impossible these days. There are too many taboos. And thus communication is withheld and to the extent any pc or pre-OT has things they are unwilling to say to their auditor is the exact measure of how "out of session" they are. Unless and until it is safe for every pc or pre-OT to talk openly and without restraint to their auditor, there is no real auditing happening in the RCS. Yes, people "complete" actions and write "success stories" — but they are on the same order of magnitude as the gushing superlatives they spout when they "complete" graduation and hurry to Facebook to tell about the enormous "case gain" they got from listening to Voldemort speak.