Blog: Taryn Teutsch & Justice4Mom: Theatre of the Absurd - 2020-05-13

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F376.png Taryn Teutsch & Justice4Mom: Theatre of the Absurd May 13, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The scientology campaign to paint me as a monster has gone from dishonest, to ridiculous to utterly absurd.

I have chronicled the dishonesty and ridiculous claims of "abuse" plenty of times before, ("Justice4Mom" Advertising on Jezebel, Scientology's Latest Lie About Me, We Did It!, and Mike Rinder: "Lady Killer") as have other blogs. This newest entry uses the "crippled for life" tag rather than "I could hear her bones breaking" and her "shoulder snapping" of earlier posts. But now it's just bizarre.

They come up with any excuse to write a blog post in Taryn's name and this one is supposedly a celebration of Mother's Day. I guess their supposition is anyone who reads this will not know Taryn and her mother are Sea Org members?