Blog: Ten Commandments of Scientology Inc. - 2012-06-19

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F0.png Ten Commandments of Scientology Inc. June 19, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The following is an excerpt from chapter eight of What is Wrong With Scientology:

'Reason,' as L. Ron Hubbard first defined 'ethics,' has become the prohibition of reasoning. Self-determinism, the restoration of which is the goal of all Scientology processes, has been replaced by the enforcement of group-determinism. In short, a culture whose members once reveled in the restoration of their liberty to think freely is now forced to think "our way or the highway," "the ends justify the means," and "by any means necessary."

In precisely this manner, ethics in Scientology has been replaced by enforcement of Scientology Inc. morals. The morals in play are the policies and mores of Scientology Inc. Those morals have evolved over the past three decades, increasingly influenced and dictated by the arbitrary decisions of one, single, rather ruthless individual. That one person is Scientology Inc. Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige. Here are some of the most commonly observed, tacitly-enforced tenets of Miscavige's new moral code within Scientology Inc.: