Blog: Thank you 5,005 Times - 2011-10-21

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F0.png Thank you 5,005 Times October 21, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

We wish to personally thank all 5000 people who signed the petition to the White House to investigate the corruption and graft between the "church" of Scientology and the US Department of Justice.

I know there are dozens of people who went the extra mile by reaching out and educating other citizens prompting them to also sign the petition. Double thanks to you all.

There are also five people who I know personally who went even further beyond the call of duty to educate the public in big ways to assure the petition made its targeted total. If I omitted anyone who was involved on that level, please inform me. Do not take this as an invalidation if you were at that level of involvement and I failed to mention you by name. These are the folks I have been made aware of as deserving of special mention.