Blog: Thanksgiving Funnies - 2017-11-23

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F376.png Thanksgiving Funnies November 23, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, I wish you all a wonderful time with family and friends.

We all have much to be thankful for. Good friends (whether family or not) who stand by and support you through thick and thin, friends who would never let someone else destroy the relationship they have with you are perhaps the most valuable thing anyone has — apart from good health. Cherish and be thankful for them today. And also spend a moment to remember those who have had their families torn apart and rededicate yourself to doing what you can to help bring such barbarity to an end.

For a little Thanksgiving fun(?) here are this week's "funnies." While we laugh at their stupidity and lack of awareness of the world outside their bubble, it is unfortunately no laughing matter that the result of their foolishness is people being hurt.