Blog: The "Golden Age" of Delusion - 2019-01-28

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F376.png The "Golden Age" of Delusion January 28, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Since Miscavige announced the "Golden Age of Tech" way back in 1997 (?) it seems that scientology has been in anything BUT a golden age.

While they have purchased plenty of buildings, the number of orgs and missions has DECREASED in this time. The number of active scientologists continues to plummet. The amount of public exposure of their abuses is at a constant state of emergency level.

Therecare constantly announcements that orgs are "going to go ideal" or "we ARE going St Hill Size" and now Missions are even getting in on the act "this is the year we build the ideal mission." Why now? What have you been waiting for? You have been in the Golden Age for 20 years, why are you just going to get started now?