Blog: The "Golden Age" of Narconon and Idealiness - 2015-12-22

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F376.png The "Golden Age" of Narconon and Idealiness December 22, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Everything in scientology these days is about "ideal" and "golden age" — terms that are bandied about constantly.

Narconon is apparently experiencing a "golden age" that appears to be a measure of how many people die in their facilities, multiplied by the number of lawsuits filed against them, plus the total of zoning variance application rejections x inches of entheta media. It's straight up and vertical. Hip hip hooray.

We have seen the magnificent "grand openings" of "ideal" Narconons in Clearwater, Baton Rouge and yesterday on the Bunker it was Eslov in Sweden — apparently a one man Narconon that has now attained idealiness.