Blog: The "True Meaning of Christmas," Miscavige-style - 2009-12-22

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F0.png The "True Meaning of Christmas," Miscavige-style December 22, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

This is a picture, believe it or not, of this year's RTC Christmas Card. It is as big as a coffee-table book, ornately foiled, die-cut and hand-assembled. It is estimated that each card could have cost as much as $50 to print and assemble. The postage alone, on each card, was $5.00. It went out to "top Scientologists." One of them, disgusted by the expense and ostentation, photographed it and sent us the shots.

Here we have "the true spirit of Christmas" according to David Miscavige. Spend as much of parishioner money as possible to put on the biggest and most ostentatious display of excess that you can possibly put together. One of these, we assume, went to Tom Cruise. And we have to impress Tom, don't we? Other copies I am sure went to all of the top IAS contributors - or, should we say, all of Miscavige's top enablers. Why? To impress them with how well he shepherds their donations?

Miscavige, here are a few things you could do, in the spirit of Christmas, that would impress me. And they would not cost you much.