Blog: The 'Truth' Rundown - 2013-10-03

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F0.png The 'Truth' Rundown October 3, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The 'Truth Rundown' has made the news recently. It seems it was utilized by David Miscavige in an attempt to control the mind and communication of Leah Remini.

Some may recall that the St Petersburg Times (now, Tampa Times) groundbreaking series in June 2009 was entitled "The Truth Rundown." I believe that David Miscavige was the unwitting author of that title.

After the church of Scientology was informed about the facts that I disclosed to the Times, the Times was assaulted with 'wheelbarrows' of material extracted from my preclear and ethics files from the church. One item piqued the curiosity of the reporters. It was an 'apology' I had written to David Miscavige in 1994. Someone might be able to find it on the Tampa Times website – it was once posted there, and was published in the original series, but I could not find it.