Blog: The Active Ingredient in Scientology - 2015-03-25

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F0.png The Active Ingredient in Scientology March 25, 2015, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The most active ingredient in scientology is not of scientology. It was with us long before L. Ron Hubbard. It has evolved and will continue to long after scientology ceases to attract headlines. The seed of scientology's rise and fall is Hubbard's and scientology's manic efforts and extreme measures taken to bottle and own and sell it (reference 'Truth'). This point is fleshed out a bit more in the latest post at the The Underground Bunker.

It is discussed in greater detail with Larry Flick on the Morning Jolt on sirius xm. To listen to it do the following:

a. Go to the following link, Morning Jolt.