Blog: The Anecdotal Fallacy - 2011-03-23

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F0.png The Anecdotal Fallacy March 23, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

As a tribute to my years spent as Editor of Advance Magazine, I thought I'd publish a column of "OT Phenomena" Success Stories. See what you think of these:

"I went from a single mom at home trying to work part time as self employed without much success, to having a part time job, and within a few short weeks I had gained a second part time job. I was over the moon. I then decided one day in a session…that I really wanted a full time job. To my surprise the very next day my manager at the dental surgery I worked in offered me a full time job…This stuff really does work. I live each and every day positively happy."

"I was at a house rebuilding a porch and I lost my balance and fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm immediately snapped completely in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach and the back of my hand hit me in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled, and I screamed out for my employee to call 911. …When I got to the hospital…I decided to try to heal my arm. A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays. Later he came back and said they needed to do a CAT scan. They did that and I waited for a couple more hours before they came back in again looking kind of perplexed and they told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed 'What? I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!' The doctor leaned over me and whispered to me: 'We don't know what happened, but your bone is not broken anymore.'"