Blog: The Arrogance of Miscavige - in his own words - 2010-11-05

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F0.png The Arrogance of Miscavige - in his own words November 5, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Here is David Miscavige's view of himself in his own words. These are April 2007 instructions to Tommy on what to tell the BBC in response to their repeated requests for his interview.

When you go to ask an organization for an interview, you don't get the top guy just because you ask. Especially when it comes to me. My perspective is, I'm responsible for the Church, that's who I go see, I am the most public figure there is, and if and when I do a show, I do it on my sweet time.

Larry King wants to interview me—to him, he'll wait because that's ratings. Cooper Anderson is the hottest thing on CNN, not that that means anything. He'll wait because that's a coup. This guy thinks he gets the interview.