Blog: The BS Beat Goes On -- Portland. Seriously? - 2013-04-13

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F376.png The BS Beat Goes On -- Portland. Seriously? April 13, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

More utter bs from the Ideal Org Hype Machine.

It is interesting to see how they position things. Using a random LRH quote — which either comes from RJ 28 or an SO #1 letter. Clearly some words of expressed support, like "I am counting on you to make Portland the first Scientology city." This is now turned into a declarative statement that THIS is what LRH wanted. (If so, why in 30 years hasn't anything been done to make it happen).

Portland is also, of course, the "home" of "our" Religious Freedom Crusade... Yes, it also the home of the Mission that "serviced" Julie Christofferson that resulted in the massive judgment that resulted in the Portland Crusade where people from around the world were asked to contribute to fishing them out of the soup. What a great idea. It ultimately morphed into give to the IAS, give to Ideal Orgs, give to Super Power, give for VM's to fly to India or Africa or wherever, give for books to libraries, give to send books to "OL's", give to "planetary dissemination", and on and on and on. It can all be traced to this "successful action" that everyone can thank Portland Msn for.