Blog: The Bestest, Most Monumentalest Event Ever Ever - 2017-06-10

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F376.png The Bestest, Most Monumentalest Event Ever Ever June 10, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The longer I stayed in Scientology, the more I hated going to events.

When I first got into Scientology at my local org, events meant everyone getting off course to listen to a Scientology celebrity talk about a piece of LRH tech. And we students weren't even expected to make up the time!

The speakers were spontaneous, funny, and full of "ARC." They encouraged feedback from the audience and everyone had a great time. Nothing was scripted. The events weren't filmed. There was no video. I had never heard the word: Teleprompter. We weren't updated on the state of affairs of Scientology internationally.

Events changed once David Miscavige seized the reins. And not for the good.