Blog: The Birthday Con - 2012-03-05

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F0.png The Birthday Con March 5, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

LRH's Birthday Game was designed to encourage Organizations to make it up to the size and productivity of Old St Hill. During the life of LRH the game consisted of orgs competing by reporting up a number of production statistics reflecting delivery of Scientology services to the public. During that time and for a few years after LRH passed away the Birthday Game resulted in several orgs actually achieving something on the order of Old St Hill size.

Since David Miscavige's assumption of total dictatorship over Scientology Inc the LRH Birthday Game has been gradually corrupted into a Con. The game receives lip service for the sole purpose of giving Miscavige justification for conducting an event each March 13th wherein he can have awards passed out. For St Hill size orgs? For the past decade and one half, no. The "game" has been so corrupted it does not even lead to expansion. Instead, it leads to a bunch of busy work on statistics that lead to a photo op in some Div 6 course room, at best. Recent evidence indicates the game is now little more than a con.

The email below authored and circulated by the Birthday Game I/C of the Los Angeles Foundation Organization says it all. LA Foundation is vying to win the Birthday Game by: