Blog: The Boycott is Working! - 2017-09-19

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F376.png The Boycott is Working! September 19, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Sometimes you really have to wonder at the intelligence of some of these bubble-dwellers. And their delusions of grandeur.

Look at the crazy here.

Just to be sure what she is taking credit for:

Set aside her not too well thought through conclusions about deriding Trump — this woman is on a rant about Leah winning an Emmy and THIS is why the ratings are down. Still, 11.4 million viewers is a BIG audience — the same as last year before Trump was elected. If you wonder about the audience of NW TV these days obviously you didn't watch the show and see how many awards Hulu and Netflix got and along with Amazon Prime, Sling, Playstation Vue and every other streaming service they are relentlessly sucking the viewers from NW TV.