Blog: The Braun Noser's Ode - 2018-11-07

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F376.png The Braun Noser's Ode November 7, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a sad indication of the level of fawning praise those inside the bubble heap on David Miscavige.

They are so deluded they eagerly lap up his bs and believe he is leading them into a "golden age" of scientology ascendancy on earth. They think under his guidance scientology is being accepted everywhere and is expanding like never before. Truly it is the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. Nobody wants to say it out loud — instead they praise his wonderful garments. I think some of them truly don't even see he is naked because they don't want to look.

Instead, they believe that it will somehow bring them to a state of spiritual freedom to fall over themselves in adoring the one True Leader.