Blog: The Bridge to Nowhere - 2010-02-10

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F0.png The Bridge to Nowhere February 10, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

For anyone who didn't notice, Marty Rathbun dropped a major bomb on his blog today.

"For a decade and a half Scientologists were urged to contribute to their local orgs so as to make them the size of Old St Hill as LRH postulated. DM dangled the promise of the release of OT IX and X as the prize when the target was met. DM did this knowing he hasn't a clue how to compile OT IX and X and couldn't deliver on the promise if he ever intended to."

In 1986, at the LRH Memorial Event in Los Angeles, it was announced that LRH had completed the OT Levels up to OT XV. We were told at that event that these levels were fully written up and codified, awaiting only their release by Scientology Management.