Blog: The CSW or How to Never Get a Day Off - 2017-07-01

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F376.png The CSW or How to Never Get a Day Off July 1, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In his HCOPL of 4 September 1959, Completed Staff Work (C.S.W.)—How to Get Approval of Actions and Projects, The Most Important Piece of Your Hat, LRH introduced a piece of policy from his days in the military to "reduce dev-t and increase speed of action."

Developed traffic: work that juniors put on seniors' lines that add time and effort to the exec's busy schedules. Little is more important to Scientology personnel than speed-of-particle-flow—getting tasks done as quickly as possible. Not only is Earth rotating on borrowed time, all staff member's stats are due on Thursday at two.

LRH wrote, "Completed Staff Work is an assembled dispatch or packet which