Blog: The Circular Bridge - 2013-06-11

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F376.png The Circular Bridge June 11, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Some interesting information escaping through the cracks in Miscavige's dike.

Word is going around now that all OT8's have to re-do their Objectives. Most are stripped of cash from decades of 6 month checks and so the "OT Objectives Co-audit" was implemented. But there are some who will still pay Class IX rates to arrive once again in Present Time, or incredibly even go exterior. How the EPs of Objectives have not been achieved on the OT levels is the eighth wonder of the world. But of course, these are the "new" "GAT" Objectives.

Meanwhile, the FSO is apparently desperate to get people "off the level" back onto auditing on OT VII (still trying to make the 10,000 on or through OT VII after 30 YEARS....) so they are apparently going through folders and "finding" hours or "recrediting" so they can be called in for "free auditing." Of course, when they get there, they use up the "free" hours and then cannot leave without buying more. Flag has reportedly also been offering a