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F376.png The Circus Comes to Town December 1, 2011, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

By Mike Rinder

Having just seen the latest annual IAS circus featuring Chairman of the Board IAS (and nobody else, including L. Ron Hubbard), a few thoughts sprang to mind (apart from the fact that I felt I needed to take a shower after being slimed).

Firstly, for an association that promotes itself as "open to anyone" and with such pressure brought to bear to get people to attend the event, they are awfully shy about letting the world see all their "good works". Earlier efforts to maintain the "security" of the DVD's that go to the orgs are now completely over the top. Less precautions are taken with State Secrets in many countries. What is POB so worried about? That his hype will be exposed for what it is? Or even worse, his over-the-top claims about the astonishing inroads in Guatemala, Pakistan, Colombia, Congo, Papua New Guinea blah, blah, blah will be seen on the internet in those places and official responses will Dead Agent his bullshit.